"Baby Lust:" Would You Lie About Contraception to Get Pregnant?


There's an alarmingly high statistic floating around CafeMom of late:

Forty-two percent of women claim they would lie about contraception in order to get pregnant, regardless of the wishes of their partners.

In other words, women so desperately want a baby that they tell their partners are on birth control when, really, they aren't.

Most CafeMoms say they are not part of this 42 percent. In fact, they think this statistic is way too high...take our anonymous poll, then tell us what you think about the topic...


Would you lie about contraception if you desperately wanted a baby?

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The statistic is actually from an study done a few years ago in the United Kingdom. But it's getting more attention recently now that a male birth control pill is being developed.

My opinion? Of course, there are women who lie to their partners in order to get pregnant. (And whether or not this is the right thing to do is not for me to decide.) But I'm wondering if this number have been inflated in order to convince men that because women are so untrustworthy and baby-obsessed they should definitely take (read: buy) the male birth control pill in order to "protect" themselves.

Agree? Disagree? Do you think a lot of women lie about birth control in order to get pregnant?


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MomIWant MomIWant

I really hope those statistics are inflated. 

Lumin... LuminousMom

that is HORRIBLE and so disrespectful. Thats what a "partner" is.. someone who has equal decision making skills in something like this.. if you would go behind your partners back and get pregnant knowing full well they don't support the idea, you don't deserve their support once its happened. That may sound cruel, but its cruel to lie and trick your partner into a pregnancy as well.
My ex SIL tricked my brother into getting her pregnant by saying she was already pregnant (while taking B.C.) and then she had an excuse to STOP taking it and get pregnant for real. Guess what? That backfired! And no shock here... they are now divorced because of it. Hes a great dad and he loves his kids but being tricked into having them when he wasnt ready emotionally or financially didnt give him the warm fuzzies.
I truly cant believe 42% of women would consider this. Sickening

momof... momoflilangel

Wow I would have never even thought to do this. I want another child and my husband doesn't so we are done unless God says otherwise. I would never lie about taking birth control.

auror... aurorabunny

That is SO messed up. 


wow.  I would never dream of lying about being on birth control and having a baby without my husband knowing.  that is wrong on so many levels.  but then,  i have morals and values,  and i guess some people don't??  :(

lesli... lesliemck86

I don't want another child either. If my partner is not ready, I am not ready.

mupt02 mupt02

I know several people who have done this, so I'm not sure that this number is inflated.  Personally, I want another one and my hubby is on the fence.  I am doing everything I can to convince him, but I would never trick him into getting me pregnant.  I think it is just disrespectful.

BreeL BreeL

I understand desperately wanting a child, but I could never betray my husband to do it.  We are partners for life, so we need to make our life decisions together or it won't be a happy life.  Some things can not be forgiven by some.

mnmo3bb mnmo3bb

Wow ok maybe I took it wrong... My husband never doesn't want to have another baby so I guessI can't relate... even when he wanted #4 before a certain time or we would stop at 3 children he didn't do anything to prevent me from getting pregnant... our first and third were planned and we tried for months. our second and fourth were talked about trying for in the future and surprise I was pregnant a bit earlier than "planned" but we were very happy. We are actually the opposite at the moment, he wants another right now, I want to wait til the baby is 2....

Sica_... Sica_Belle

My issue was the birth control itsel, I mc our first child possibly due to birth control and I carried that guilt for a long time. In fact, I wasn't able to get pg again until I surrendered it to God a few years later. After the birth of DD due to DH wishes, I got back on birth control, even though I had convictions against it. I explained to him how I felt as well as my fears of getting pg and going through that again. I didn't think I could handle the guilt as well this time, but that I would respect his wishes and continue to take it as long as he wished. It wasn't until we discussed a mutual desire for more children and made the decision together for me to stop taking it. The only thing that would have been accomplished if I were to have taken matters into my own hands, would have been the destruction of trust in my marriage. Thus the marriage would have ended, possibly ending with me raising 2 kids on my own. Deception in any form is not healthy for any marriage.

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