Run Like a Marathon Mom

Yesterday's NYC Marathon was inspiring.

I only run when I'm being chased. I love that running is cheap, self-explanatory and burns around 500 calories per hour. But it's not for the faint of heart. Inspired by yesterday's amazing New York City Marathon and Cafe Suzanne's report that a new mom won, I want to give running a shot. 

I noticed there are many CafeMoms who are into running, and I'm going to profile some of them throughout this week.

Today, here are KDW211's awesome tips for getting started.


KDW211 said one thing that made me want to put on my running shoes right away: "I don't actually enjoy running. However, I do it, and I run often. The thing about not being a natural runner is my sense of accomplishment afterward is huge."

So she's like me! Here's what else she told me.

  1. To keep it interesting, run intervals and challenge yourself to run longer periods of time and walk shorter period of time.
  2. Change up your speed to test yourself. If you're on a treadmill, push up the incline to see how you do.
  3. Run intervals according to your iPod. You can run the length of one song and work up to the length of two or three tunes.
  4. Make playlists to run to. Make a few different ones based on your mood. (For playlist advice, check out Find Your Favorite Workout Music.)
  5. Know that if you have a negative attitude before you run, your mind will be in a better place when you're finished.

Wow. You go, girl. And many thanks.

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