How Are You Keeping Halloween Healthy?

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Happy Halloween!

I just ate the last Newman's O cream filled chocolate cookie. There was only one left -- if there were more, I'd still be chewing. And that's the problem...if there are sweets in the house, I will eat them. Remove the treats, remove the temptation.

But today is Halloween. Which means candy, candy, candy, candy everywhere.


Sure, we can make healthy Halloween treats, but the exposure to the good bad stuff is still there.

I'm pregnant, so eating too much chocolate makes my twins go nuts in the womb. I'm staying away. But I'll still sneak in some treats. Anything with chocolate and peanut butter is my weakness. Ooh and Skittles!

But on this day, diets are broken, kids get tummy aches, cavities are made -- it can be pure overindulgence.

What will you be doing to make sure you and your family doesn't fill up on too many unhealthy treats? Or does everyone get a free pass for Halloween?


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