Plus-Sized People Have a Place to Call Their Own

scaleAround the country, new nightclubs are opening that cater specifically to plus-sized people.

Now, I'm guessing that most of you "club" about as often as I do (um, not all that often). But the concept of a plus-sized-only venue is interesting, even if you aren't overweight...Imagine a public place where everyone is the exact same body size as you are—would you find other reasons to feel self-conscious?


The idea behind the plus-sized nightclubs is to provide places where large people can feel comfortable having fun and being out in public. In fact, one club owner opened her venue for herself and others who were tired of being  "the only fat girl at the local nightclub."

But do such venues encourage people to remain overweight or obese? Proponents say no, arguing that instead, plus-sized venues play a large role in building self-esteem and helping people feel good about themselves, which are key motivators for doing something about their weight.

What do you think? Would you go to a plus-sized venue? Are venues that cater to people of a specific body size a good idea? 


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