OctoMom: I Lost 145 Pounds in Nine Months

octomom in usweekly

In this week's issue of US Weekly, OctoMom Nadya Suleman explains how she lost 145 pounds a mere nine months after giving birth to octuplets. And she says she did it naturally all by herself—without a trainer or plastic surgery. Definitely click the link to see a larger photo—she looks fantastic!


According to the magazine, Suleman weighed 270 pounds while pregnant; now the 5 foot-7 single mom is down to 125.

She lost 40 pounds instantly upon giving birth to the octuplets. Afterward, she says she joined a local gym where she works out three times a week at midnight (while a nanny watches her kids). Her workouts focus on strength-training—not cardio—because she gets enough exercise running after her kids.

She also follows a healthy diet: five protein-packed meals or snacks a day including oatmeal, sushi, turkey, and homemade baby food.

Are you impressed by OctoMom's weight-loss? Do you believe her when she says she didn't have any "help" losing weight?

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