I Want Candy for Breakfast

My kids and our friends last night.

My kids were too small to care what they were for Halloween, so I had a blast choosing their outfits. They were punk rockers. The twins were Sid & Nancy, and the baby was Johnny Rotten--if you can imagine Johnny Rotten in light blue corduroy overalls, that is. I also had fun taking Cafe Michele's What Your Halloween Costume Says About You quiz.

Everything went beautifully with only one hitch. Estelle, the pumpkin on the far right, has been upset that she couldn't have candy at bedtime last night. She got PO'd again this morning when she couldn't have candy for breakfast.


I told her, 'No honey.' She cried, and I had to bribe her into submission by saying, Curious George doesn't like it when you cry. 'He doesn't?' she asked. She dried her eyes. Each time, the drama has ended in hugs.

Did you or your children eat too many sweet treats?

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