Whole Wheat Pasta: Does Your Family Like the Taste?

pastaWe eat whole wheat and multi-grain pasta in my house because it has more fiber and nutrients than regular pasta. But its strong flavor and chewy texture definitely took some getting used to for us. Here are some ways to make wheat pasta more palattable—at least until your family gets used to the taste:

  • Mix wheat or multi-grain pasta with regular pasta.
  • Look for smaller, shorter pasta shapes—penne or fusilli—which might have a better texture.
  • Top with hearty, full-flavored sauces—for example, tomato or olive oil and garlic.
  • Serve with veggies and/or meat to introduce other flavors.
  • Top with strongly flavored cheese, like Parmesan.

Does your family like the taste of wheat and mult-grain pasta?

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