'The Biggest Loser': What the...

...heck happened last night? (No spoilers until after the jump.) Can someone please explain to me why the one person went home even though he/she lost weight and the other person who actually gained weight got to stay? I'm thoroughly confused...

Also, a quick re-cap: The Blue Team won a challenge and the prizes were tickets home. However, if they used the tickets, that meant they would be a whole week away from the campus and Bob, and they would have to still weigh in at the end of the week...


The Blue Team decided to give up their tickets, and The Black Team went home. The main obstacle for The Black Team at home was trying to balance their family and workouts.

For many of them, it was difficult to find time to exercise because they had to care for their families. Dina had to drag her son to the gym! And I really liked what Danny said to his daughter: That he couldn't spend as much time with her as he would have liked this time, but that it was an investment in his future so he could be around for years and years afterward.

For you moms that workout, how do you deal with this tough trade-off? Is it hard to balance family time and exercise time? How do you decide between caring for yourself and caring for your family members?

And now on to Dina. I can't believe she was voted off! Especially when Daniel gained one pound! What was going on there? Do you think the other team members are more encouraged by Daniel and that is why they voted to keep him on? Please explain it to me because I love(d) Dina!

What did you think of last night's episode?

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