License Plates: The Best Place for an Abortion Debate?

choose life license plate

Have you seen the "Choose Life" license plates (like the one pictured here) on cars in your town?

Twenty-four states (including Florida, Delaware, New Mexico, and North Dakota) allow these specialty plates that oppose abortion. But three states—New York, New Jersey, and Illinois—won't allow them. As such, some anti-abortion groups are fighting back, arguing that this is a violation of their free speech.


One of the claims critics of the license plates are making is that the highly politicized and controversial "Choose Life" message is inappropriate for something that should be a neutral, government-issued piece of identification.

But proponents of allowing the plates argue that singling out specific messages as not "plate-worthy" violates free speech rights.

What do you think? Are license plates the apporpriate place to have a discussion about women's health and abortion? Should anything be allowed on license plates?

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