License Plates: The Best Place for an Abortion Debate?


choose life license plate

Have you seen the "Choose Life" license plates (like the one pictured here) on cars in your town?

Twenty-four states (including Florida, Delaware, New Mexico, and North Dakota) allow these specialty plates that oppose abortion. But three states—New York, New Jersey, and Illinois—won't allow them. As such, some anti-abortion groups are fighting back, arguing that this is a violation of their free speech.

One of the claims critics of the license plates are making is that the highly politicized and controversial "Choose Life" message is inappropriate for something that should be a neutral, government-issued piece of identification.

But proponents of allowing the plates argue that singling out specific messages as not "plate-worthy" violates free speech rights.

What do you think? Are license plates the apporpriate place to have a discussion about women's health and abortion? Should anything be allowed on license plates?

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Pudge... Pudge_Pie20

I don't think they should be allowing license plates that are pro-life unless they allow ones that are pro-choice. How many people would throw a fit if they saw one that said my choice and had a X through the children or something crazy.... i say either allow them both, or allow neither. My vote is for neither.

Freela Freela

Honestly I kind of cringe when I see these kinds of plates (or even bumper stickers.)  I don't want to know your abortion views, or who you voted for, or who you worship just because I am stuck behind you in traffic!  As for state issued licence plates- I think that the state should either issue both (pro-live and pro-choice) or neither.  Preferably neither.  Do we really need to add to road rage?

Lumin... LuminousMom

Yeah... bumper stickers are one thing, but license plates? I'd rather not see bumper stickers either, if I'm being honest.. but really.

DreaK... DreaKevAiyana

I remember when Florida added these years ago.  Worst idea ever (at least maybe that month) for Florida in my opinion.  This is something that should definitely be a neither choice.  It's one thing to go and buy a bumper sticker from a store or wherever, but to get something that's this controversial from our state government, that's a bit too much.  I'd much rather see a Spring Training Red Sox license plate or Save The Manatee, Florida Panther, or Sea Turtles:)

Agent... AgentBrez

i dont see the problem. depending on the state the way a specialty license plate comes about is there is enough interest and a way of knowing [pledging?] enough people will buy it to produce it. im not sure how that is done exactly. a lot of time the price you pay for a specialty plate goes to a cause related to the plate. for example, when i lived in VA, where i went to college and had my college's specialty plate, the money it cost went back to my school. im pretty sure for the pro-life plates the money goes to a pregnancy crisis center type place.

artC1s artC1s

I am tired of the whole specialty license plate thing no matter what the message is. It's a license plate. If you want to voice your opinion or support a cause use your voice, contact your local, state, and federal politicians to bolster your cause. Make a donation to a group that you find worth, or even rent a billboard space to display your cause along the nations highways. License plates are for vehicle identification, not the most effective method of supporting a cause.


Tay-B... Tay-Brittnie

Hey, if they allow pro-choice messages AND pro-life messages, I don't care what people put on their license plates.  Just make the rules equal for everyone.  :)

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