This Dude's Cornea is 123 Years Old

The eyes have it.

True story: A man who is 80 has a 123-year-old eye.

Bernt Aune from Norway got a cornea transplant in his right eye in 1958. The cornea came from the body of an elderly man who was born in 1885.

According to a recent story on Reuters, this could be the oldest eye in the world, and the oldest living organ in the world. Docs gave his new cornea fives years when they implanted it in the 1950s. Today, Aune says it works fine, but his vision isn't so great anymore.

Seriously, I'm amazed. It's a little creepy, but pretty cool. Maybe I should stop complaining about my itchy contacts and glass-bottle glasses. My eyes are healthy, they work fine, and they're mine. For more information on eyes, join the private Medical Questions group. There's an eye-full of advice in there.


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