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swine flu vaccineWhich do you think is scarier: The number of swine flu deaths reported by the media? Or the fact that the H1N1 vaccine (first doses go out today), which the government is encouraging everyone to get, is so new?

There's so much information out there and so much panic that some moms are confused about how to make a good decision about whether to get the shot. I asked Neonds13, group owner of Educate Before You Vaccinate, to explain why she will not be getting the H1N1 vaccine.

CafeMom: Will you or your children be getting the swine flu vaccine? 

No. In my opinion, this is very bad vaccine. It was made too quickly and under too much pressure. There are preservatives, chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals in this vaccine that are not safe and have been proven to cause long-term neurological damage and disorders. These ingredients have also been known to cause GBS (Guillain-Barre syndrome), developmental disorders, mental and physical paralysis, and auto-immune disorders. The vaccine also contains mercury and thimerosal, which were supposed to be barred from ALL vaccines several years ago but never were. (Several vaccines on the market and in current use today STILL contain mercury and thimerosal.) Also, the nasal mist vaccine contains the living virus of the vaccine: this means that you could actually get the illness from the vaccine itself, and you are potentially contagious for 7-10 days after receiving it.

If you were pregnant or had a pre-existing health condition that put you at high-risk for flu complications, would you consider it?   

No. I would still take my chances with the virus over getting a vaccine that has not been thoroughly tested, studied, and trialed. And, I still would not want all those toxic ingredients injected into my bloodstream. I just cannot see how anyone can think that injecting things into your body—like mercury, thimerosal, aluminum, formaldehyde, animal tissue and DNA, aborted fetal tissue, human and animal genes, acetone, ect. —is going to make you safer, healthier, and give you immunity. In reality, all those things just weaken your immune system while your body is fighting off all that junk, making you more susceptible to picking up other viruses and bacterias. 

Lots of moms and pregnant women are terrified by recent news reports of deaths of pregnant women and children from the swine flu and, therefore, are considering getting the H1N1 vaccine. Do you think it's difficult to make a smart decision when there's so much hysteria surrounding this issue?

I do think it's hard for people to make a smart decision when every time they turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper, or go online they are bombarded with this hysteria of the "horrible pandemic" and that they NEED to get their swine flu vaccine to stay safe and keep their loved ones safe. It's truly maddening how the media and the government is using every scare tactic in their power to convince people that this is some sort of plague that will kill you no matter what.

So then what advice would you give to other moms who are trying to decide whether or not to get the vaccine?

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! And by that I mean, do your OWN homework. Don't just take the word of your doctor because nine times out of 10, they are just as clueless as the rest of the country. They are only telling you what they've been told OR have been told to tell you. Use search engines on the Internet and look at non-mainstream news stories and articles. Use CafeMom and join one of the many vaccine groups; however, my advice on that, though, is to join one that is not completely one-sided. I do recommend my own group, Educate Before You Vaccinate. It's open to all moms no matter how they choose to vaccinate. All I ask of the moms in my group is that they be open-minded and respectful to everyone's choices, beliefs, and opinions on vaccines. My group is NOT a debate group, and I have worked very hard to keep it "drama-free". 

If a mom is on the fence about whether or not she or her children should receive the vaccine, where could she go to get good information?  

There are a lot of great websites:

Any other advice? 

All I can do is continue to encourage moms to educate themselves and do the research before making any hasty decisions about getting the swine flu vaccine.  Know the ingredients, know ALL the side effects, ask your doctor to see the package inserts from the vaccine box or ask to get a copy to take home and read. Ask questions and keep asking until you are satisfied. Don't get this vaccine before you are positive you can make a well-informed and well-educated decision about it. 

Thank you to Neonds13 for sharing this information with us! 

Will you be geting the H1N1 vaccine?


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bamsm... bamsmom2001

"Thimerasol and mercury are not the same thing, nor are they interchangable.  Similar, yes, but not interchangable."

Atctually, thimerosal is 49.6 percent mercury.

RanaA... RanaAurora

bamsmom, yes, and 51% something else, meaning it's not mercury.  :)

OP, I totally agree that it's very hard (if not impossible!) to find a non-biased source for vaccine information.

bamsm... bamsmom2001

bamsmom, yes, and 51% something else, meaning it's not mercury.  :)

OP, I totally agree that it's very hard (if not impossible!) to find a non-biased source for vaccine information.

I know, I wasnt saying that it is the same exact, but alot of people don't realize how much is in there.

And, it is really hard to find unbiased info, I really don't know if that exists!

hells... hellsangel213


MamaRita MamaRita

Getting 38 vaccine's before school age says it all. We just think Autism is a Pandemic, we haven't seen nothing yet. When the CDC gets done giving 1 seasonal & 2 Swine flu shots on top of all the others full of Mercury & tons of other toxin's, sadly we will see the biggest explosion is History. Would I give my child a flu shot?  NO, Lane's damage has already been done, his life changed forever after receiving 6 shots in one day at Shots for tot's, he lost all of his milestones he had reached at age 22/mos. Also when his Mom was 8/mos her OB/GYN suggest she get a flu shot because the flu was going around, it was in October, Lane was born in November & the hospital also gave him a flu shot. We had no idea 11 years ago, we just followed the Doctor's advice. A child doesn't go from talking in sentences one day & the next day he can't mange to even get a word out, unless something tragic has happened. Now he's 10 in a special class for ASD. Lane was vaccine injured, now he will live with brain damage forever. He has not received a single vaccine since the age of 22/mos. His Dr said one more could have killed him because of his serious Toxic overload!

Mommy... MommyJanice44

I too am a Mother that right after my son received his vaccine's he had a seizure and started screaming stiffen up in my arm's , I will never forget calling my Mother and telling her it was from the vaccine's but hey back in 93 there was no way that could have been a issue ,, WOW Once I started hearing how many mom's the exact same things happened to then I KNEW for a fact !! that how could all of us be so WRONG ..

buzym... buzymamaof3

Congrats Dawn!  Awesome interview, you did great!!

I also have a dd who has had a reaction to a vaccine and a nephew.  My children will NEVER receive a vax again.  I also see no reason why they cannot green our vaccines and make them safe for our children!!

Mrs.S... Mrs.Shotts

No matter what everyone is scared..I'm a mother with 7 kids @home.Last thursday my 14 yr old daughter was sick.So we went to her regular dr.they gave her meds.So went get stared on it and that same night she starts having trouble breathing..So here we go to the ER.. she was really scared because of the fact she couldnt breath..THey gave her 2breathing treatments,chest xray,took blood for a CBC test.All of those tests came back fine..So they did the flue swab(which they swab both sides of the inside of ur nose)Well it came back positive for the flue virus A.(which is the one that falls under the H1N1)..So she is wearing a msk until we get something back from the state..So im really not sure as to do for the rest of my kids.I dont want them sick with the samething..But now lastnight my 3y old is starting to show some of the very same signs that she had before we found out what she had..What would you do???

jj_ho... jj_horn2004

Mrs. Shotts...get her to her Dr. ASAP so she can get med. ...if one child has it its VERY likely your other does too.

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