Massages: Where Do You Like Them?

Cynthia Dermody

back massageI just wrote about my 4 year old daughter's addiction to back rubs in Toddler Buzz, and now I really need a massage. Maybe it's because of the cat gene, that I always have tensed-up typist shoulders, or just that I find massages one of life's greatest pleasures.

My mother-in-law took a class once and learned how to do something called Indian head massages. I don't know if she was doing it right, but basically she grabbed my hair between her fingers and shook away. It kinda hurt, but left a tingling feeling on my scalp. Okay, so I loved it. I'm sick, I know.

I've also done reflexology, which is supposed to have some kind of wholistic healing benefit and may even bring on labor, but for me it was just a way to get someone to rub my feet. Purrrr ....


The best massage in the world is ...

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