What Would You Ask a 500-Pound Woman Named Ruby?


Ruby Gettinger, a 500-pound woman from Savannah, Georgia, is braver than I am. She let the Style Network film her life while she tries to lose 350 pounds. Catch her journey on her show called Ruby that premieres Sunday, November 9.

I have so many questions for her. Do you?


Can you imagine being filmed while you do sit ups? I can't. Are there cameras on you while you get ready for bed? What was the hardest food to give up?

But go Ruby. After her doctor told her she could die from her obesity, she made a pact with herself to get the weight off for good. She wants to be able to ride a roller coaster and sit on a man's lap one day.

She also wants to talk to CafeMoms. Do you have questions for her? Ruby herself will pick 5 of our questions and answer them by next weekend. Post them here, and I'll get them answered for you. I just contacted two of my favorite CafeMom groups, Healthy Weight Loss and Why Weight? I bet you all--and everyone--will have good ones. I can't wait to talk to her in person and get her take and advice.

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