This Herbal Tea Can Help Prevent Flu

green tea lemonGreen tea is good for you -- this we know. It boosts endurance, helps you live longer, and can even be used as a skin toner.

But in times like now, where we're fearing the Swine Flu/H1N1 and with cold and flu season approaching, green tea really can come to the rescue. But it's not green tea alone.

Advertisement notes that, "Green tea is rich in immunity-boosting antioxidants, but your body doesn’t absorb them well."

So how do we make sure we get the most of our cup?

Increase absorption by up to 80 percent by adding ounce of lemon juice -- or any citrus juice -- to your tea.

And yes, if you prefer, you can even have it iced. Health suggests Tazo Lemon Green Iced Tea because it's made concentrated lemon juice.

Do you already drink green tea with lemon?


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