I Still Have My Baby Teeth

I have teeth on the brain lately because my 6 year old is on a roll. He lost his two bottom front teeth within a week of each other and now several on the top are also loose. He's hoping they'll all fall out together because he thinks he'll get to have milkshakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner until the new ones grow in.

I'm a little sad because the adult teeth are changing his baby smile. He's starting to look so grown-up now. Sometimes I wish he could keep his baby teeth forever.

But as soon as I say this ... I find out that some adults still do have their baby teeth! Not in a keepsake box, but in their mouths! Sometimes a few of the 20 primary teeth never fall out, and it's actually not a good thing. But apparently, it's pretty common because moms in Newcomer's were talking about their lingering baby teeth and all the unfortunate problems they have because of them. I guess I don't wish this on my child, after all.


One mom had a baby tooth pulled as an adult, and it was so painful that she's decided to just leave the rest in.

Another was going to get braces, but the dentist needs to pull the baby teeth first, and that put the price out of her range, so she had to forget it.

One mom says that if she pulls her baby tooth, it will leave a gap since the adult tooth underneath had stopped growing at some point.

Still, in other cases, remaining baby teeth don't cause any problems and dentists say to just leave them.

Do you still have all your baby teeth? Have they caused problems?


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