Eating Yogurt as Flu Prevention?

yogurt, flu preventionJust read this article on NutritionData about a new study that suggests eating yogurt might work as prevention against flu.

Hmmm, I think with this possibly grueling flu season we're facing, we can use all the help we can get.


I heart yogurt. I could eat it almost every day. I sprinkle it with fruit, granola, nuts, honey, jam, and/or maple syrup. Yum. One of my favorite breakfasts. And don't get me started on FAGE Greek yogurt. When I tried this kind of yogurt for the first time, I fell in love with yogurt all over again.

So it's nice to know that yogurt consumption (my kids love it too, but they don't eat it as often as I do) might lend a helping hand against flu. It's all about the probiotics in the food.

Monica Reinagel, M.S., LD/N on NutritionData writes, "I noted that study with interest as well. The kids (about 300 of them, aged 3 to 5) were taking probiotic supplements or placebo pills twice a day. The kids getting the probiotics had about half as many fevers, coughs, and runny noses, took fewer prescriptions and missed fewer days of school.

We should note that the study was funded by a company that makes probiotic products. That said, the results were published in a peer-reviewed journal (Pediatrics) so the study design apparently passed muster."

Her suggested "dosage" of yogurt per day: "I'm thinking that a single serving of yogurt every day would be a reasonable start for kids and adults. But the amount of sugar (often high fructose corn syrup) in sweetened yogurts is shocking. I'd advise you to steer clear of sweetened (and artificially-sweetened) yogurts and go for the plain yogurt. Sweeten (if you must) with fruit or a drizzle of honey."

Yogurt and hand washing. Sounds like a perfect autumn to me.

Are you a fan of yogurt? What about your kids? Do they eat yogurt often?


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