Bye-Bye "Yummy" Cigarettes


clove cigarettes banned, flavored cigarettes bannedEvery day, 3,600 children and teens start smoking and 1,100 become daily smokers, but maybe this will put an end to that: Yesterday, the FDA banned the sale of flavored cigarettes. The ban includes tobacco products with chocolate, vanilla, clove and other flavorings that get children and teenagers  interested in smoking. Menthol cigarettes will still be available.

In 2004,17-year-old smokers were more than three times as likely as smokers over age 25 to choose flavored cigarettes and they thought flavored cigarettes were "safer."

Some popular flavors include R.J. Reynolds' Twista Lime, Kauai Kolada, and Warm Winter Toffee. which all sound like Starbucks drinks to me. No wonder why kids think they'll be yummy.

What do you think of the ban on flavored cigarettes?

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auror... aurorabunny

I think the government needs to butt out, no pun intended.  It's our responsiblity to care for our health and not smoke, not theirs.  Are they going to stop selling yummy flavored soda?

Lokis... LokisMama

I think it's stupid, and it punishes everyone who smoked flavored tobacco and flavored cigarettes.  My friends smoke cloves, my mom smokes cherry tobacco in her pipe.  I agree with aurorabunny, they need to butt the hell out.

I smoked for a while, and frankly I don't blame people for wanting to smoke flavored cigarettes, because the Marlboro's I smoked were downright nasty.  Menthols are better but not by much.

I think, personally, that it's going to cost the cigarette companies a good number of their legal-aged cigarette smokers.  

scien... science_spot

I wonder if the ban is also on flavored cigars? There are way more varieties of flavored cigars and chewing tobacco than there are cigarettes, and they are just as dangerous to one's health.

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

science_spot, The ban doesn't include flavored cigars or cigarillos, but they are working on it ...

auror... aurorabunny

What about all of the super yummy flavored liquors that come in bright, pretty bottles?  Aren't those attractive to teenagers and younger people?  Except that they could down one of those and then get in their car and kill someone, or themselves, or both.

Not something I do after smoking a cigarette.  But ya know, we wouldn't want to penalize our booming alcohol industry.

RVTMommy RVTMommy

i think its great! Im a smoker and I don't know many people that smoke because they like the taste, they like how it makes them feel. If they taste bad they are less likely to be appealing to younger people and therefore less likely to become addicted. I agree that alcohol is probably a bigger problem in the short run, but as far as long-term affects, cigarettes take the cake.

sherl... sherlokke

i wasn't smoking when this happened and i was pissed. i loved cloves...

megha... meghanmeghan

Yeah I agree with most of you. The government needs to stop making laws that keep us from our freedoms. It's a waste of money and time to ban flavored cigarettes.

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