How Often Do You Make Out?

do you still make out

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I remember a time when making out was the thing to do. Mom, please stop reading right now.

High school. In a parked car. After sneaking out of my parents house after bed time. Kissing for hours.

And to think I am going to have a baby girl in a couple of months. Will I have to keep her under lock and key when she gets older?

But what happens to all that making out, French kissing, smooching, tongue action, whatever you want to call it, once you are in a relationship for a while?


It often doesn't happen anymore.

Some moms like to make out during sex, others prefer to focus on the love making.

I also read about one mom who only kisses now -- they no longer have sex.

A lot of moms are saying they used to do a lot of smooching when they were first in a relationship with their significant other, but as the years went by, the kissing became less frequent.

I personally love a good make out session. But sometimes my hubs and I only have time for quickies, so kissing doesn't happen. But other times...and these are the steamy times...making out and making love makes everything much hotter. Maybe that's how I ended up pregnant with twins!

How often do you make out? Would you like it to be more or less? How long have you been in your current relationship?

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