Boost Your Immunity with These Stretches

boost immunity with yoga

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People who do yoga religiously love it. Then there's people like me. I sure do like it when I do it, but trying to find the time to actually do it is an issue.

I just learned of some serious incentives to do three yoga stretches in particular. They all boost your immunity. And in times of H1N1 and flu season approaching, this sure does seem like a smart move.

Well, three moves!


Body + Soul magazine says that these three moves, when paired with slow and deep breathing, can really help stimulate your immunity centers -- adrenal glands and lymphatic system -- allowing them to perform at their best.

(Note: If you are pregnant, consult with doctor before doing these moves.)

1. The Half Shoulder Stand, seen above, recharges kids and boosts circulation, helping your body filter out waste.

How to: Lie on back, bend knees into chest, and lift so feet are above your head -- level with eyes. Yes hands to support hips. Breathe in and out slowly for two minutes. Roll out of stretch the way you came in, slowly bending knees and rolling down.

2. The Seated Spinal Twist compresses tummy muscles, and gets lymphatic fluid flowing.

How to: See the yoga pose image here for how to get started. Place the leg that is up behind the other knee. Take the arm that is resting on the knee and bend up into a wave. Place other hand on floor behind hip and turn head to look behind you on over shoulder of hand on floor. Take 10-15 slow breaths, then switch to twist other side.

3. The Pigeon Pose with Chest Opener is the stress buster -- it helps keep nervous system regulated and open the chest stimulating the thymus gland. All of which is good for a healthy system ready to fight off sickness.

How to: See the yoga pose image here to get started. Next, clasp hands behind you and straighten arms as you life chest up and arch back just a little. Keep looking straight ahead and hold for one minute deeply breathing. Repeat on other side.

Do you do yoga for your health?


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