Women Are Sadder Than Men: Agree or Disagree?

Kim Conte

women are sadder than menmI'm not sure how or even why news outlets come up with this stuff, but according to several sources and studies, supposedly:

Women are sadder than men.

I don't know about you, but this news makes me...well...sad!

Several reasons for women's collective unhappiness have been offered, including:

  • Women are overly stressed trying to balance kids, home responsibilities, work, etc.
  • Women carry a bigger burden at home (cooking, cleaning, child-care, etc.).
  • More women are entering male-dominated fields at work and, therefore, tend to be more stressed.
  • When compared to men, women are harder on themselves and take things more personally.
  • Women are "hormonally more complicated and biologically more vulnerable."
  • Women are pressured to slow the aging process while men become more attractive as they age.

Hmmm...not sure if I buy all these reasons...

What do you think? Are the men in your life happier than you are? Are men happier than women?


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