Women Are Sadder Than Men: Agree or Disagree?

women are sadder than menmI'm not sure how or even why news outlets come up with this stuff, but according to several sources and studies, supposedly:

Women are sadder than men.

I don't know about you, but this news makes me...well...sad!


Several reasons for women's collective unhappiness have been offered, including:

  • Women are overly stressed trying to balance kids, home responsibilities, work, etc.
  • Women carry a bigger burden at home (cooking, cleaning, child-care, etc.).
  • More women are entering male-dominated fields at work and, therefore, tend to be more stressed.
  • When compared to men, women are harder on themselves and take things more personally.
  • Women are "hormonally more complicated and biologically more vulnerable."
  • Women are pressured to slow the aging process while men become more attractive as they age.

Hmmm...not sure if I buy all these reasons...

What do you think? Are the men in your life happier than you are? Are men happier than women?


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