Soda Tax Angers Moms


soda taxHealth officials have once again raised the suggestion of a tax on soda and sugared drinks to thwart obesity.

This issue comes up every few months, each time a bunch of doctors get together and decide this is a pretty good idea, hoping that maybe by now everyone will have forgotten how much they hated it the last time.

This proposal isn't in the health care reform bill yet, but I'm guessing that those doctors have timed their recommendation in hopes of getting it in.

Here's my feeling on the matter -- disagree if you will.

Aside from the fact that this just won't get people to stop drinking soda, soda should not be compared to cigarettes. Unless you are a tobacco company, and even then, you probably can't disagree that cigarettes are really bad for you. Really, to me that's like arguing that the sky isn't blue.

Tobacco is directly and singularly linked to higher rates of death and disease, while soda is only a contributor to obesity.

Why penalize the people who want to treat themselves to a mug of root beer once in a while? It's all about moderation. BTW this burger joint down the street from me makes the best darn homemade root beer you ever tasted, and I'd gladly pay twice what they charge to have it as a treat once in a while.

Another CafeMom suggested that the solution to obesity is not taxing sweets but dangling incentives for people to make healthier lifestyle choices in general.

"If someone is not healthy and chooses to be fat and unhealthy that is their choice. Should they pay the same for health insurance as someone like me who does eat right, drinks water, exercises and stays fit? No way. I should get a break on what I pay since someone like me is not a burden on the health care system. We should pay less. I go to the doctor once a year for a physical same goes with my husband and children. One of my kids has never been sick and she is 16 years old. My other kids have had three colds between them. Seems we are doing our part to keep costs low and we should see a break. If someone wants to be fat and unhealthy, they are choosing to pay more for insurance."

Cigarettes aside, what lifestyle choice does the government have a right to tax?

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RanaA... RanaAurora

How about instead of making soda cost more, they take the CRAP out of it and make it healthier?  Make a HFCS tax, and lower the cost of the healthier versions of stuff!

auror... aurorabunny

I don't think they should tax ANY of it, cigarettes included.

That said, if I have to pay a tax for my cigarettes then yes, people should have to pay a tax for their McDonalds.  Eating that garbage has been proven to be equally dangerous to smoking in recent studies.  Not only that but it can be purchased by children, which is the worst part.  At least cigarettes can only be sold to adults.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

So the government is deciding to punish those who like "unhealthy" stuff by charging more. Something is really wrong with this. I don't even drink soda and find this a bit crazy. Disclaimer...I still need to read more about it, so this is knee jerk.

Here's the problem, the healthy stuff already costs so much more. I like RanaAurora's suggestion on taking out the bad stuff and making good stuff more affordable.

If this soda tax goes through, then what's next? Chocolate chip cookie tax? (Please no!) I'm sick of the cost of everything going up in this economy.

Agent... AgentBrez

i dont agree with a soda tax. the logic is backwards to me. instead of taxing people for making bad choices, they need the education to make the right choices. but ultimately it is up to them if they are going to eat/drink healthy or not. people who are addicted to nicotin are going to pay for their cigerettes regardless of the price, people will do the same with their food and drink. and as Cafe MicheleZ says, whats next? just another slippery slope for the govt to tax us on more and more things.

auror... aurorabunny

And yes I agree that it is totally ass backwards; making healthy things affordable should come first in line before making unhealthy stuff pricer.  But think about it, which works out better for big business?  The second option of course.  Proving that it's never really about our health in the first place, just their pockets. 

Pudge... Pudge_Pie20

I think it's crazy. Unless your hiding under a rock and illitrate everyone on earth knows cigarettes are bad for you. But yet tobbacco companies are still going strong, and millions of people are still smoking. They jack up taxes on cigarettes? People keep smoking.

Soda is pretty much the same way. You'd have to be a complete idiot to know that drinking soda all day long isn't good for you. But raising taxes is not going to stop people from doing it.

nonmember avatar Lew Bryson

You know, it's funny: you use almost exactly the same arguments as I do against raising the beer tax. And I think they're just as valid, running either way. But for those who ask why the gov't wants to tax sodas, rather than making healthy food cheaper? Simple: taxing sodas brings in revenue to pay for the programs they want to bring you. What programs? Oh, you know, like price supports for farmers who grow corn for HFCS, and healthcare to cover the multiple problems of people who eat at McDonald's five times a week. Does it make more sense now?
This doesn't work, it NEVER works. Look at how much tax is on cigarettes, it's huge! Yet there are people still smoking everywhere you look. This is a hypocritical "we're doing a good thing for you!" exercise that is really about getting more money to play with. It's despicable.

MizzN... MizzNicole

It may help cover the cost of programs many of you are crying out for. I couldnt care less about it. I drink some soda and plan on cutting down as part of my weight loss plan. Would it deter me from buying it? Nope.

Maybe they should give people discounts at the grocery store when they buy healthy things.

I do know that I am tired of my tax dollars going to pay for healthcare for those who dont care about themselves and who have a variety of health problems because they refuse to stop eating crap!  Maybe it will help, maybe not. We are a fat country, and something needs to be done.

People will always complain about something.........if its not one thing its another. Hell, if you have a problem with it, make your own sode, Buy the syrup, mixed with water and add carbonation. I have done it and it was good. And guess what-no soda tax on it!!

RanaA... RanaAurora

Lew, statistically people who eat the most crap and smoke the most often take advantage of government healthcare to an extent, so the higher taxes on junk food, liquor and cigarettes is essentially asking the people who will use more government healthcare money to pay a little more. 

Kinda like a higher insurance premium.

truet... truetigress

If people would STOP selling crap...then people would STOP eating/drinking crap!...that's just my humble opinion *S*

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