Why Moms Wear Mens' Deodorant


When I accidentally run out of my own antiperspirant, I have no problem using my husband's. I don't know if it works better because it's Man Strength, but it definitely seems to keep body odors at bay (for days and days!), and I love the crisp, sporty scents.

Plus the names of fragrances are so much cooler sounding than the typical boring girl ones like "Shower Fresh" and "Spring Meadow."


Aqua Reef

Active Fresh

Cool Fusion

I'd rather project Active Fresh than a Spring Meadow. Meadows remind me of bugs and make me itch.

A mom in Advice for Moms, where members were discussing the best deodorant/antiperspirants, says that she wears her husband's brand of deodorant  on purpose.

"Old Spice Red Zone," Humboldt0608 says. "When hubby went on deployment I bought some for myself so that I could get little scents of him here and there. Now I'm addicted to it and have been wearing it ever since. I've also noticed that it lasts longer than some popular women brands."

Have you been known to wear your husband's deodorant or cologne from time to time? What other man health products do you like to use?


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auror... aurorabunny

Nope, since we went vegan, nobody in this house uses or needs deodorant.

toria... toriandgrace

I have been for the last few days because mine broke. I prefer women's deoderant most of the time, not too into the manly scent.

rebec... rebecca_tal4

throwing up

i can't stand the smell of any of that stuff!!

RanaA... RanaAurora

I used Old Spice as a teenager.  Now I'm testing new ones.  Since I have PCOS (hormone issues), deodorant is a must.

aimee... aimeewales

I have used men's cologne, the flower smell of women's stuff gives me a headache. I started doing in when my hubby was deployed it made me feel like he was always with me. And I've used men's razors for many years they get a much closer shave.

KadieKD KadieKD

I don't like the idea of deodorant, but it's a must. I also use men's because I think it keeps me drier.  I have been doing this for years.

auror... aurorabunny

For anyone who doesn't want to use typical chemical-laden deoderant, there are ones out there that aren't full of aluminum and other junk.  I used to use MiEssence before I stopped needing it entirely.

DreaK... DreaKevAiyana

Hubby loves his Old Spice (the non-aluminum kind), but also switches to mine when his runs out.  I mostly use Baking Soda (here in SW Florida it's a must to use deodorant!!), but also have a yummy MiEssence one (for when I want to smell like something!) that DH secretly loves.  And I'll use his Old Spice every once in a while, I do like getting that whiff of DH even when he's not around:)

jennm... jennmarie77

I've never tried my hubby's deo.  I stock up on deo when Kmart does their double coupons, so we are never out, especially his since, they're more afforable than women's. 

I may have to try his tomorrow.

I do use a men's razor.  They are so much better than a woman's

bluel... bluelady27

I LOVE mens deoderant.  Growing up that is all I ever used.  Now, I still sneak a few applications from my husband's.  That and men's razors.  So much closer!

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