Are You Exhausted? Why You Shouldn't Always Blame It On The Kids

As busy moms, it's easy to blame exhaustion on the kids and all the things that need to be done...but not so fast. Yahoo Shine has six things (beside our hectic lives) that might be causing fatigue. Some of them I had never even thought about!


According the Yahoo Shine and WebMD, the following are some of the most common reasons for feeling tired:

  1. You may have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and not even know about it.
  2. You are eating the wrong foods (for example, too much sugar) or too little food causing you to lack energy.
  3. You have an underactive thyroid problem.
  4. You are consuming too much caffeine.
  5. You have a hidden food allergies.
  6. Your partner is preventing you from getting a good night's sleep. Perhaps you need separate beds?

Are you tired all the time? Do any of the above reasons make sense for you or are you convinced your busy lifestyle is the main reason for your fatigue?


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