Is Your Kid's Candy Safe?

emmysmommy07 is careful about her DD's candy.

As fun as Halloween is, there is a lot for moms to worry about. A top priority is making sure our kids' candy is safe. Here is the scary warning from the FDA: Do not let your child eat White Rabbit Creamy Candy or Koala's March Creme-filled Cookies. Throw it out. Both may contain melamine, the dangerous chemical that recently ripped through China's milk supply and got thousands of kids sick.


These two candies were sold in the U.S. (I hear they were sold mostly at dollar stores), and they may have been made with the tainted milk. And SAHMinIL was right this week when she alerted us to throw out Sherwood Brands Pirate's Gold Milk Chocolate Coins. The Canadian government issued a warning about that, and it might have been sold in this country as well.

A recent anonymous question was posted on whether CafeMoms check their child's treats, and luckily, everyone said they did. chrstyny88's advice was simple and wise: "ALL home made stuff goes into the trash. If it is open, it also goes into the trash."

Way too spooky for me. I'll definitely pick through my pumpkins' plastic pumpkins this year. And I'm sure you will too. Do you worry about contaminated Halloween candy?

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