Your Shower Could Be Getting You Sick

showerheads make you sick showerhead germsYour showerhead could be covering you in yucky germs that make you sick instead of nice water that makes you clean.


Researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder analyzed showerheads from nine U.S. cities and found that about 30 percent had high levels of Mycobacterium avium—a group of bacteria that can cause illness (lung infection, pulmonary disease, breathlessness, fatigue) when inhaled or swallowed. The levels of this bacteria were 100 times higher than those found in other regular household water.

Researchers linked the bacteria to showerheads, which provide a moist, warm, dark haven where bacteria can form. Most healthy people don't have to worry because the health risks are greatest for individuals who are already immune-compromised.

To be safe: Use a metal showerhead (plastic can get really gross) and change it regularly. Or stick with baths.

How often do you change your showerhead?

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