Do You Doodle? It Will Help You Remember

doodling helps you remember

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My husband had to take an important work call when we were in the middle of eating the other day and while on the call, he aligned the salt and pepper shaker, adjusted his plate, and tinkered with the silverware so all were just so.

It was hard not to laugh, but it was an important call, so I waited until he hung up.

OCD much? I asked him as I mimicked his actions. He reminded me that if we weren't sitting, he would have been pacing. And if he had a pen and paper, he would have been doodling.

Turns out doodling while listening to others talk actually helps you retain the information.


Whole Living spoke to Katherine Revoir, author of the book Spiritual Doodles & Mental Leapfrogs and she said that "doodling allows the brain to relax and achieve emotional balance."

So in essence, it's more sponge-like, letting the information seep in. Professor Jackie Andrade, Ph.D., did some research that concluded doodlers remembered 29 percent more than nondoodlers.

Who needs ginkgo when you can use a pen and a paper!?

Are you a doodler? Are you good at retaining information?


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