The Obamas: First Family of Fitness

Obama Men's Health

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Health care reform is a huge topic right now...and the First Family is putting an exclamation point to the topic by appearing on the covers of Rodale's Health magazines.

First Lady Michelle Obama is on the cover of Children's Health and is featured in Women's Health, while President Obama is the cover guy of Men's Health...with his shirt on. That magazine usually features buff men with nothing on from the waist up.

Phew...thought we had a Putin on our hands here. OK, to be fair, Putin was caught with his shirt off. And, if you remember, so was Obama!


Children's Health is a going to be a spin-off of Men's and Women's Health and this magazine will be a one-time deal (maybe)...coming out next week. In it, Michelle talks about the First Family's eating plan.

Women's Health has the details on how Michelle gets those super tone arms straight from her personal trainer and the President talks about the tax on soda in Men's Health and also goes "inside the While House kitchen."

Are you interested in reading any of these magazines? What tips for Health Living would you share with the Obamas?


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