Warranties on Health Care?

warranties on health careDon't you hate when you have to make a return trip to the doctor for a problem that wasn't fixed the first time? Say it's a strange rash. You pay for the office visit and walk out to spend another $100 on a skin cream that's not covered (considered cosmetic). It doesn't work; a week later you still have the rash.

Now you have to go back to the doc (pay for another office visit), and probably get another pricey prescription and hope that three times isn't a charm.

This has happened to me or my kids more time than I can count. It's not always the doctor's fault, but sometimes it could be. He could be rushing, not examining the problem thoroughly. Or he could be too inexperienced.

With health care reform on everyone's mind, MSNBC is giving a shout out to a hospital with a brilliant idea that might be one solution to the problem ...


The Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania offers warrantys on surgeries, just like you'd get from your mechanic or your roof contractor. If they fix it and you get complications that could have well been prevented, they fix it again -- on the house.

Now, all medicine should not be reduced to such cut-and-dried policies. Human health and well-being is a lot more complicated than that. But I like the way this hopsital thinks. It shows there are lots of different ways to solve this problem, and it's a step in the right direction, by emphasizing quality over volume.

Would you be more inclined to seek health care from a provider that guarantees its work?


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