Healthcare Reform: Can We Afford to Wait?

No matter where you stand on the current issue of healthcare reform, it's undeniable that many American lives have been negatively affected by the pitfalls of our current healthcare system.

And I have to say this video from MoveOn (complete with R.E.M. tugging my heartstrings) drove this message and its urgency home for me today.


Unfortunately, as you read around CafeMom, you'll see the moms here and their families are not exempt from crises caused by daunting medical issues and costs. While healthcare reformers and critics battle it out, maybe we can shed some light on the real issues we — as women, as mothers, and as family members and friends — are facing out there.

Let's talk.

Do you or does someone in your life have an expensive healthcare issue that can't wait? As the healthcare reform bill gets hashed out, what changes do you hope to see most?

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