When Do You Floss: Morning or Night?


floss teeth at night for best resultsWe all know that dentists recommend flossing once a day for healthy teeth and gums.

But did you know that flossing at night is preferable to the morning in terms of optimal results? At least that's what my dentist told me last week when I went in for my 6-month check-up. Here's why...



When do you floss?

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Flossing regularly helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. My dentist explained that you should floss right before bed because at night your mouth is (generally) inactive, and bacteria has several hours to grow uninterrupted. During the day, however, you drink water, chew gum, etc.—all of which helps to clean off your teeth.

Do you agree with this advice? Do you floss before bed or in the morning? Before or after you brush?

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Lovep... Loveplusmama

I floss in the morning because I am just too stinkin' tired at night. Flossing in the morning is better than no flossing!

Peajewel Peajewel

I floss in the morning, at lunch and at night.  I keep floss in my car and in my purse.  I am a freak. 

Agent... AgentBrez

i always floss at night before bed. i brush my teeth, floss, then use mouthwash as my night time routine.

MomIWant MomIWant

I carry floss, just in case, but I floss every night.  I floss, brush and use mouthwash before going to bed.

nonmember avatar anomaly

i floss in the morning BEFORE i brush. i have been told that ideally you should floss (before brushing to loosen the gunk) in the evening, but overall it is more important TO floss than not floss. my routine happens to be in the morning while I'm watching the news :)

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