Dr. Oz Show Premieres Monday

Dr. Oz Show Premiere

Photo by David McNew/Getty

Dr. Mehmet Oz, noted heart surgeon and Oprah's health expert for the past five years, has landed his own show on Fox. The Dr. Oz Show premieres Monday. The New York Times says it's the most highly anticipated syndicated talk show since Dr. Phil sprang to the airwaves in 2002.

Oz will attempt the very difficult task of making health information fun and memorable through games and stories from real people. On his first show, he straps a sleep deprived mom into a simulator, leading to "disastrous" results. A beer-bellied husband is brought onstage for a "surprise" diet intervention.


Members of the audience get to ask the doctor "no holds barred" questions at the end of each show.

According to the New York Times, Oz is using his stage crew for "experiments." He's banned all junk food from the set, only setting out things like carrots, salads, and natural peanut butter to see if it will change habits.

It will be interesting to see if Oz can outshine the hosts of The Doctors.

Do you trust TV doctors for giving good advice and health information? Or is this just another form of entertainment for you?


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