Health Care Reform -- I'm Clueless, Are You?

health care reformI feel like a bad citizen. I'm so wrapped up in putting away toys, buying back to school supplies, and shuttling kids to soccer and swimming that I haven't had time to become informed about the new health care proposal.

Nope, I couldn't even watch the big speech last night -- that's smack dab in the middle of the bedtime chaos.

This is going to be one of my little goals. To read up on the health care controversy and find out what it's all about so I can have a voice. My first stop is CafeMom, where there is tons of discussion and info about it.


Every mom should take this seriously, if not only for ourselves but for our kids who will almost certainly be headed to the pediatrician's office for bumps, breaks, flus and other mishaps and conditions a lot more often than we'd all like.

Are you as clueless as I am about the new health care policy? Did you watch the speech?

Tell me ONE thing you know about the new health care plan. If that's a total stumper, then tell me ONE thing you might be concerned about with any change from the current system.

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