Bizarre Birth Control Methods

bizarre birth control methodsForms of birth control: condoms, birth control pills, abstinence, crocodile dung...wait, what?

Yep, there has been some super bizarro methods of birth control used in the past. Momversation lists some extreme methods to prevent pregnancy. Here are my favorites:


  • Crocodile Dung: Ancient Egyptians created a paste out of the dung and honey (and sometimes other ingredients) and melted it into the vagina. Time Magazine says the dung actually aided conception because it created an alkaline environment optimal for sperm survival. 
  • Heated Mercury: In ancient China, women were told to drink hot mercury to prevent pregnancy or cause an abortion. Mercury, in case you didn't know, can cause paralysis, tremors, mental disturbances, and (oh yeah) death. Sure it works... after all, when you're dead from mercury poisoning, you don't have to worry about being pregnant anymore.
  • Wood Block Pessary: Like the Today Sponge, a barrier was inserted into the vagina to block sperm from entering the cervix.  Unlike the Today Sponge, it was made out of wood. And would you believe they were manufactured in the 1920s? The thought of this makes me legs instinctively clench together very tightly.
  • Hare Anuses: During the Middle Ages, amulets were commonly "prescribed" to women as contraception. One such amulet consisted of a wreath made of hare anuses. Does it work? Well, if you're wearing a wreath of hare anuses, you probably won't get asked out on many dates. So in that sense, it's an extremely effective contraceptive. 

Thank goodness for modern technology, eh? Be sure to check out the rest of the list!

Which method gives you the heebie-jeebies?

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