How Do You Spend Your Alone Time?


alone timeThis isn't meant to be a joke, but I know -- alone time?! Who has any of it?

But let's just say you do have some, or by some stroke of luck, you'll soon come into an hour or so all to yourself.

You deserve it...we all do....

The first thing I think of wanting to do is being on my couch in my PJs, reading a magazine or book with some music on. A full glass of ice cold lemonade at my reach. Ooh...maybe I should move the whole scenario to the tub -- a bubble bath!

That sounds so good right about now. I'll take just the lemonade if I can't have the rest!

For me, alone time is important. I can think clearly, take time to process things, it's like a recharging in a way. Kind of like a time-out you give yourself.

I know once my twins are born in December, alone time is going to be almost non-existent for a while, so I should take it in now when I can.

Do you find alone time to be beneficial? What do you do during your alone time?


time for you


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scien... science_spot

The only time I get alone is when I am sleeping!  And I have such a huge sleep deficit, I SLEEEEEP like I am in a coma until the baby stirs, then I am wide awake in a flash. 

auror... aurorabunny

I know it would be redundant to say "Alone time, what is that?"...yet that is my actual answer.

navyma23 navyma23

Reading, internet, cleaning, take a shower, and now we've got bikes I can go for rides!

Kelly... KellyGirl_TX

Wow...after hearing you girls, I feel a little guilty.  I have all the alone time I can stand,LOL.

My oldest daughter is 17, in school & working.

My 2nd daughter-15 wanted to try living with her father for awhile (Option at 12yrs of age in Texas).

My DH is an otr (over the road) trucker and gone for 2 weeks at a time and that leaves me home by myself with the 2 Miniature Dachshunds, 2 cats and so on 24/7.

frown miniI sure wish I could give you each some of my alone time.  I have so much alone time that....I just realized that I can't really answer this question correctly.  ALL of my time is alone time, pretty much. 

I do however have those moments where I just want to "do my own thing". That means getting my book, curling up on the sofa with my favorite throw, lighting my favorite candle and just letting the story take me out of here for awhile.....Love that kind of time!smile miniThen there's the time when I just want to go outside and sit under my favorite shade tree with a glass of good ol'fashioned Texas Sweet Tea and watch the puppies chase and act crazy in the backyard.  Listen to the birds and sounds of nature....that "grounds me" I think.  It sort of "stops the world from spinning around and around" for me.

Good Question!

toria... toriandgrace

Half the year I seem to have too much alone time! While hubby's out to sea, after my little one goes to bed, I have my own time until I go to bed. I'm starting my MA, so I'll mostly be working on homework, but I like to read Agatha Christie novels during my free time.

momof... momoflilangel

I have went alone to the movies, starbucks, and to a store just to have "me" time before. I have a 2 year old and I frequently babysit so I enjoy some alone time. It doesn't happen often though.

givitup givitup

I'm an empty nester and I freelance and run an online store from home - so I do have a lot of alone time. But, ever since I quit my full time job 7 years ago I can't seem to take time "off". I feel like I need to always be working in the yard, writing, working on my store or cleaning. I love to read, but pretty much only do it on the treadmill at the gym or last thing at night!



NavyW... NavyWife102


Alone time what is that.  My DH is on deployment, I have two 13 year old sons, and my Mom living in our house.  I just started law school last week.  I think my alone time is in the bathroom.have a nice weekend

momof... momoftwins240

What the heck is this "Alone time" you speak of.  I don't seem to get any of that ever.

bluee... blueeyes9999

Alone Time... I take my alone time and sleep if I can but I can't! I am on my computer that is about as alone as I get these days. I can't be alone for whatever reason I don't know how to be. I mean alone to me would be no television, no computer, no family around just silence purely. I just came back from camping with the spouse.. that got fairly alone when he went off fishing but my puppy kept me company so that doesn't count. I had so much peace there able to think for a change without interruption. The stars were incredible at night it's about 5600 feet. It makes you feel very small in that Universe. I guess that's about as alone for now as I can get.

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