How Do You Spend Your Alone Time?

alone timeThis isn't meant to be a joke, but I know -- alone time?! Who has any of it?

But let's just say you do have some, or by some stroke of luck, you'll soon come into an hour or so all to yourself.

You deserve it...we all do....


The first thing I think of wanting to do is being on my couch in my PJs, reading a magazine or book with some music on. A full glass of ice cold lemonade at my reach. Ooh...maybe I should move the whole scenario to the tub -- a bubble bath!

That sounds so good right about now. I'll take just the lemonade if I can't have the rest!

For me, alone time is important. I can think clearly, take time to process things, it's like a recharging in a way. Kind of like a time-out you give yourself.

I know once my twins are born in December, alone time is going to be almost non-existent for a while, so I should take it in now when I can.

Do you find alone time to be beneficial? What do you do during your alone time?


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