How Do You Spend Your Alone Time?


alone timeThis isn't meant to be a joke, but I know -- alone time?! Who has any of it?

But let's just say you do have some, or by some stroke of luck, you'll soon come into an hour or so all to yourself.

You deserve it...we all do....

The first thing I think of wanting to do is being on my couch in my PJs, reading a magazine or book with some music on. A full glass of ice cold lemonade at my reach. Ooh...maybe I should move the whole scenario to the tub -- a bubble bath!

That sounds so good right about now. I'll take just the lemonade if I can't have the rest!

For me, alone time is important. I can think clearly, take time to process things, it's like a recharging in a way. Kind of like a time-out you give yourself.

I know once my twins are born in December, alone time is going to be almost non-existent for a while, so I should take it in now when I can.

Do you find alone time to be beneficial? What do you do during your alone time?


time for you


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rockn... rocknroth

I enjoyed reading these posts...would love to see a sky full of stars! And, my only child is deployed, he is on an air craft carrier supporting Afghanistan...

I also do on-line work and I spend most of my week alone. I either have my computer on, with the TV...and, I 'sleep' wtih an earbud listening to AM radio at night. I guess I like to listen to the conversations of

Sometimes I do sit with my computer in the quiet when I need to get work done.

The real alone thing I do is drive 5 miles down to the coast and either drive to see the view or site near the marina...still a total voyeur. :D Who knew?

Here is a great tip...listen to spa music free before you purchase what you like, no I am not affiliated with them, its just a great site...ear buds are highly recommended.

Noble... Noblekatt

reading, internet and if I have a sitter (or DH is home) going to tea, the spa or getting a pedi! and the rare but occaisional GNO!

vival... vivalasmamas

Oh, bliss! I love my time alone. My six-year old daughter spends nearly half her time with her dad, and so I get two evenings a week to myself, and two nights every other weekend. I used to love to get my lighting just right (in the evening), including lighting my diffuser, in which I burn delicious-smelling essential oils, putting on the perfect music (Cat Power, Cowboy Junkies, or Mazzy Star), and just sitting at my kitchen table, daydreaming. Often I would even dress in something I love and do my makeup.

I am pregnant now (whoa!) and so I spend my precious alone time knitting things for the babe, nesting, and taking soothing baths. Come January, when he's born, I imagine these solitary rituals will be a thing of the past. For a while, anyway.

It strikes me how much life can change, and so quickly. I remember my daughter as a baby, and how I thought I would lose my mind with this eternity of baby-mama togetherness stretched before me. I could not conceive of the temporary (or rather evolving) nature of our relationship. It makes me want to cherish every stage, whether I have a sea of alone time or an absolute deficit. Our lives are so seasonal, so cyclical. How lucky we are.

There is always something incredible and irreplaceable about where we are now -- and something different and wonderful to anticipate next!

Papay... PapayaDelight

THIS is my alone time... baby is sleeping... for now.. :) he only sleeps for about 30 min max... and during the night he wakes up every 2 to 2 1/2 hours to nurse... lol

brand... brandoneaglemom

My alone time is everyday. I have too much alone time. my son is 17 and he doesnt get home until after 8 at night and DH is home around 5 and gone for a few hrs inthe evening to go and get my son. So, I spend most of the day alone with my 2 cats and my dog. My other kids have moved out and i tak to them every so often and the only friend i have i talk to her once a week. I miss my kids dearly and i miss people. So as far as alone time goes......i would spend some of it with you guys. i would love to have some chaos and laughter in my home right now.

blogg... blogginmomma

I have a 3 yo, 1 yo and a fiance that works from home. My 1 yo has his crib in my room too. There is no such thing as alone time for me right now. When our new house is completed I'll have my space back and I can't wait! To be able to shower in peace again would be a blessing.

tigge... tiggermom803

Sadly most of my alone time is spent doing errands. But I do enjoy reading when everyone is in bed and I go to an occasional movie alone.

Faith4w Faith4w

I rarely have alone time because I keep myself so busy with work, school, kids and hubby.  When I do have one of those rare moments that no one is around, I say "oh what a perfect time to get this and that done!"

But honestly if no one is here, it is too quiet to concentrate. My desk used to be in a closet and the kids would squeeze in with me and hubby would lounge on the bed, so I figured what was the point of trying to hide away? I moved my desk to the corner of the living room. I don't watch tv, but someone else always does. And people are talking on the phone and being rowdy. If they all leave, I can't concentrate. Even when I go to the library there are people moving around and talking.

I just don't know how to be alone any more.

nonmember avatar angellove11

I NEVER EVER get alone time. People are ALWAYS knocking at my bedroom door. :( :@

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