Move of the Week: Belly Bulge Blast

I just came back from a trip to my hometown in Tennessee. Meaning, lots of my mama's (fattening) Southern cooking. It was delicious but it practically negated my entire summer workout (though I have to say, soooo worth it! Hehe!). 

I'm needing to do some major damage control and this workout from trainer Cindy Whitmarsh will give me results in a week. Yes, please!


How does this move benefit your body?

Some of my clients are busy news anchors, athletes, business executives, but most of all like me, moms who work but also have the most difficult job in America, parenting.This exercise is a power punch move, it will sculpt your core, shoulders, glutes and creates better posture. I love it!

How many reps/sets should you do and how many times a week should you do it?

I would recommend repeating this exercise 10 to 20 reps and 2 to 3 sets depending on your activity level. I would love for you to do this every other day to see maximum results!

Which muscles does this exercise move work?

This exercise move works your entire core, abs, lower part of your abs, shoulders, glutes and  posture!  

What is the difficulty level for this move?

This move is more advanced but to make it more moderate you can execute the move on your elbows.

How long does it take to see results?

With a proper diet you may see results in just 1 to 2 weeks!

Have you had any fallbacks in working out? How'd you get yourself back on track?  

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