Funny Sleepwalking Stories

sleepwalking stories

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Sleep walking is a serious condition and nothing to laugh at, but I couldn't stop chuckling at the way CafeMoms told these sleepwalking stories in the Newcomer's Club:

  • When I was 9 months pregnant I woke up and went looking for my sleep-walking husband. He was asleep in his birthday suit in our unborn baby's crib. The sides were up he was in the fetal position and he looked as cozy as it gets until I started yelling, "What the hell are you doing in the crib!?" He woke up looked at me like I had ten heads and said, " I don't know."
  • One time my mom found me trying to clean ... but really I just kept hitting the wall with a bowl of M&Ms.
  • I woke up one night because our family dog was barking. I walked into the kitchen to see what the deal was, and my little brother was peeing in the dog's food dish. Then he turned around, walked right by me and went back to bed.
  • Our third daughter was 10. We heard her come downstairs and go into the bathroom, and figured she woke up and had to go. A few minutes later she came out with a washcloth. She folded it carefully, set it on the floor in front of the kitchen stove, patted it a couple of times, and went back up to bed.
  • I was six months pregnant and asleep, when suddenly there's a fist in my face. My husband accidentally punched me in the nose. Bleeding, I jumped out of bed, yelling for him to get something to stop it. He jumped up, confused. He asked me, "Are you bleeding?" and I said yes. He said, "Okay, goodnight," and went back to sleep.
  • I used to sleep in T-shirts that went to just above me knees until one night I walked all the way out of the house and woke up realizing that I was standing outside with my girl bits threatening to burst out. Thank goodness is was dark.

Do you sleepwalk or do or say odd things in your sleep?

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