Would You Get the H1N1 Shot?

H1N1 flu shotI never get flu shots -- but I'm five months pregnant and we are about to enter flu season. Plus, I'm nervous about swine flu or H1N1 (whatever you prefer to call it) and it's not just about me...it's about my twins growing inside me.


On my local news the other day, there was a story about a woman who volunteered her family (which included a toddler and an infant) to all get the H1N1 vaccination. They took part in the testing to see results of the shot in hopes to be protected.

Needles freak me out in general, but I'm not sure if I would volunteer my family to get the swine flu shot when it's still in its trial run.

Will it be enough to take extra precautions to avoid the flu (and the shot)?

Did you get the flu shot when you were pregnant? Do you get them each year? Would you consider getting the H1N1 vaccination?

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