Texting While Driving Kills (Warning: Graphic Video)

texting while driving crash videoDo you text while you drive? I don't but my husband does. He texts, fiddles with his iPod, reads maps, and more—and it makes me crazy, especially now that we have a baby in the car.


I saw an AC360 reporter do an experiment with some cones while texting while driving, and he didn't fare so well, but it was a controlled experiment and no one got hurt. The segment didn't really scare me silly or even at all. But this public service announcement sure did.
Warning: It is bloody.


The PSA is being shown in Britain and it has been getting some strong reactions because it is so graphic. But it does get the point across. While the PSA was made with teens in mind, I think adults need to learn the lesson just as well. I forwarded the link to my husband.

If you were able to watch it, do you think the PSA goes too far? Or do you think something of that nature is needed to emphasize how dangerous driving and texting is?

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