Why Is 'Glamour' Applauded for Having One Real Woman When CafeMom Has So Many?

Have you seen the photo that everyone is talking about? Glamour's nude, plus-size model (click link to see it) who's shown with a bit of a belly and slightly bigger thighs than we're used to seeing in magazine, all the while looking radiant, gorgeous, confident, and most important, happy.

Glamour is being applauded for actually showing a real woman... But I'm thinking, What the heck took them so long? And what does the term "real woman" even mean?


Don't get me wrong: I'm thrilled that Glamour chose to feature a model whose body type isn't exactly what we typically see between the pages of a fashion magazine. And I'm even more thrilled that it accompanied the photo with stories about body acceptance and plus-size swimwear.

But honestly? What's the big deal?

Here on CafeMom we get to see photos of and read stories about real women all day long. And here the term "real woman" means so much more than size (because, technically, real women come in all shapes and sizes). Rather, the women on CafeMom are "real" because we're classy, confident, beautiful, and have integrity. We love our kids and our families and would do anything for them. And, yes, we struggle with our imperfections, but we are open about it, honest when we fall short, and just try to take one day at at time. To me, that's a "real woman."

What do you think? Is the term "real woman" only about size? Or is it so much more than that?

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