Paper or Plastic: What Do You Choose at the Supermarket?

paper or plastic bagI was in the grocery store this weekend and the guy ringing me up asked me if I wanted my items bagged in paper in plastic.

I told him paper.

He asked, Are you sure?

I was sure I wanted paper (Cafe Sheri also says no to plastic bags) -- besides, I use the paper bags to recycle my paper products in my apartment.

But it made me wish I had my re-usable tote bags with me. Because the truth is, even paper isn't entirely eco-friendly.


I have good intentions with my eco-tote, but they always seem to stay under the sink and never come with me to the supermarket. I know I should leave one in my handbag, but it's crowded enough in my purse as it is.

When at the supermarket what do you choose: paper, plastic, or do you BYOB (bring your own bag)?


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