Cleaning Your Belly Button -- Is It Necessary?

cleaning belly button

Photo by stormi

A dirty belly button never occurred to me until I read that one mom actually has a phobia of belly buttons and hates cleaning them. She thinks her finger will poke right through to her stomach.

Um, gosh, have I been neglecting a vital piece of hygiene here for like, decades? I always figured the shower took care of it.

I honestly can't remember the last time I even looked at my navel. When I was pregnant it was so mutantly gross I purposely avoided it. It's even worse now with its post-pregnancy sag. I honestly just checked now to remember if I had an outie or an innie (definitely an innie).

There are all kinds of instructions on the Web on how to clean a belly button properly. I'm not sure whether any of these are correct or even recommended:


Use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Alcohol gets rid of the smell (Huh? There's a smell?)

Never use sharp object to clean your belly button. (I'm guessing they are referring to tweezers and lint here.)

Create a salt-water soak in a little cup turned upside down on your navel, forming a suction vacuum around the edges. (Nice idea ... in theory.)



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How do you clean yours? And do you think it's really necessary?

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