Move of the Week: Scissor Kicks

This move is always done at the end of my workout classes when they do a quick 15-minute ab workout. And I dread it. It guarantees soreness the next day, but hey, that just shows you how well it works.

Cindy Whitmarsh from Exercise TV shows us the proper way to do this move and exactly what muscles it's benefitting.
How does this move benefit your body?
This move has many benefits! This is an exercise I use with my hardcore clients who want to see maximum results in a short amount of time. If you want a six-pack or flatter abs, this is a great one!
How many reps/sets should you do and how many times a week should you do it?
I would recommend repeating this exercise 10 to 20 times with 3 sets. For maximum results, do it twice a day every other day.
Which muscles does this exercise move work?
This move works the recuts abdominus, or the center of your abs. It also engages your lower part of your abs that is usually a problem area for a lot of women. As your legs go down, you are also using your hip flexors. I love it because it is easy on your neck and demands results.
What is the difficulty level for this move?
You can make this beginner or advanced by the weight you choose and using the modifications I show you in the workout. I suggest you step it up for maximum results. Don't be affraid of lifting to heavy. Watch your form and pick the right weight!
How long does it take to see results?
With proper diet you will see results in less than two weeks.
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