Are You a Salt-oholic?

cut back on saltI like salt. But yesterday at a diner when eating my husband's chicken soup, it was way over-salted. I still ate it, even though I probably shouldn't have, and then downed a big glass of water.

Salt or really over-salting food isn't the best for us -- it can cause high blood pressure and can increase your chances of cardiovascular and kidney disease. It's even said to be a contributor in kidney stones in children.

You can easily cut sodium out of your cooking at home and buy foods low in sodium, but what about when going out to eat?


Whole Living magazine suggests:

  • Ask your server to have your meal prepared without extra salt.
  • Don't order food served smoked or in a sauce or broth.
  • Ask for dressings or sauces on the side, so you can determine how much to add.
  • Choose olive oil and vinegar over salad dressings.
  • Season with lemon juice instead. 

Are you a salt-oholic trying to cut back? What are ways you've been successful?

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