90 Salads In 90 Days: Could You Do It?

90 salads in 90 daysA writer for the Huffington Post was sick of eating an unhealthy diet and having no energy. She forced herself to like leafy greens by committing to eat 90 salads in 90 days. That's a ton of salad!

Do you think you could do that? I love salad, but that seems like too much even to me.

How did she do it?


Before she took on the salad challenge, this writer professed to love cheese, chips, Chinese food, baked goods, and meat. She rarely bought vegetables because the only ones she liked were: carrots, asparagus, and carrots. And she thought leafy greens were "cow's food."

Needless to say, she wasn't feeling very healthy and her poor diet was really taking a toll on her energy levels and self-esteem. So when her husband came home with a diet book, she decided to set a goal for herself.

Here's what happened when she ate 90 salads in 90 days:

1. She started to crave fruits and vegetables and wanted far less food items loaded with sugar and carbs.

2. She had tons of energy.

3. She discovered that she actually liked greens.

4. She realized that having a commitment and a goal helped to motivate her to stick to her plan.

She did not lose weight. And by the end of the challenge, she admitted that she started to dread thinking of new salad combos. Still, I think the results are still pretty impressive. (Too bad she didn't check out our Simple Salads post for ideas.)

Do you think you could eat 90 salads in 90 days?

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