Birth Control, Church and the Government

Catholic college and birth controlThere's a small Catholic college in North Carolina that refuses to cover birth control as part of it's health insurance. The Catholic Church believes in natural family planning; it doesn't support or promote other artifical means of contraception. 

And according to state law, Belmont Abbey College in Belmont has the right to refuse on the grounds that birth control contradicts the teachings and beliefs of the Catholic faith, beliefs that are part of this college's mission to uphold.

Two years ago, a couple of employees complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. But the commission confirmed that the school had a religious exemption and was doing nothing wrong, so they closed the case.

Now, for some mysterious reason, the case has been reaopened and the commission is threatening legal action against the college if it refuses to cover birth control pills for its employees.


The case is opening a whole can of worms about religious freedom and what role the government should have in determining which institutions are "religious enough" to qualify for such exemptions.



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