Where Do You Put Your iPod When You Pee?

Starlyghte's iPod cake is bathroom-floor free.

Since I've got a potty mouth today, here is my current dilemma.

I rely on my iPod to drown out whiney kids. When I take the bus to work, my iPod helps tune out the ignoramus on his cell. At the gym, it's my very best friend, especially when I get into my kick-A workout playlists.

So, when you are out running errands or at the gym with your iPod (or any MP3 player), where do you put it when you have to pee in a public restroom?


Yesterday, I had to put mine on the bathroom floor in the bus terminal ladies' room. I had been cradling it in my armpit, but I've almost dropped it into the bowl twice. I can't keep it in my back jean pocket because it creeps out. I can't leave it on a ledge somewhere because it will get swiped. I had to go so bad I didn't have time to tuck it safely away in my backpack.

I know that was nasty. There are 2 billion germs per square inch on public restroom floors, 200 times more bacteria than on a sanitary surface, according to The Germ Freak's Guide to Outwitting Colds and Flu.

Thank goodness for the baby wipes in my backpack. (What mom2twobabes really wants to know, is do you wash your hands after you go? Hee!)

Do you have any brilliant solutions to my dumb problem?

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