Music Improves Your Workout: Which Song Gets You Moving?

music can improve your workoutI always find that I can make it through a workout a little easier with Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas in my ears.

Which songs get you moving?

For me, a good, fast workout playlist keeps me from getting bored when I'm exercising. The songs also provide something for my brain to relax and zone out on—instead of focusing on the relentless pain in my body party and the burning in my lungs.

Turns out there's scientific reasons why listening to music can improve exercise results...


First, music is a great movtivator. Do you know that excited feeling you get when you hear your favorite song on the radio? And that surge of adrenaline you feel when you're in the middle of a good workout?

Research shows that these feelings are related—that there are are actual chemical reactions in the brain that occur when people listen to music and when they workout. Listening to music can trigger these good feelings and because your body naturally craves more of these good feelings, it pushes itself to exercise harder, knowing that it can produce an even stronger dose of this feeling. Cool, huh?

Moreover, the steady beat of music can help you to synchronize and coordinate your movements to the music, which ultimately helps you to move more efficiently and improve your endurance. To get the most benefit out of listening to music during a workout, pick songs with a slower beat if you are doing low-impact exercise (walking, etc.) and pick songs with a higher beat if your workout is more intense.

What's your favorite song to workout to?

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