Tip for Late Day Snackers

late day snackingI've never been overweight, but my metabolism is definitely is slowing down. I've recently discovered the hard way that my days eating ice cream in front of the tube at night are over. Ice cream -- that's always been my late-day snack of choice.

cleanmomma's also a late-day snacker -- she used to go for the Cheetos and Oreos.

"I eat so great the entire day -- lots of fruit, spinach, high protein, desperately trying to cover all four food groups," she says. "Then come 8:30, that food group triangle we all learned in elementary school slowly transforms into a rectangle, one that coincidentally looks like a graham cracker covered with peanut butter and jelly."


Recently she switched to what she thought was a better choice -- pretzels and cream cheese. But when she compared calories, she might as well have been eating a Big Mac! Even low-fat or healthy foods can pack lots of calories, not what you want sitting in your tummy an hour before you turn in.

She found a new snack so satisfy her craving for salt and crunch with a fraction of the calories while she watches So, You Think You Can Dance?

"I go to the kitchen and mix low-fat ranch salad dressing, (I like Nancy’s kitchen) with balsamic vinegar and slice up some cucumber. Then I start the DVR from the beginning so I can watch my favorite dancers uninterrupted (gotta love Brandon!)"

Thanks for the tip, cleanmomma!

Now share your healthy, late-day snacking solution. What do you munch in front of the TV?

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