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CafeMom misscortez420 is afraid of the dark. Achluophobia. "There was a point in my life where I thought it was over, but it came back and I think it's worse. I'm guessing it's here for good. What's your biggest phobia?"

From the Stay At Home Moms group, the things CafeMoms fear most:

-- Water where it's not supposed to be. Tidal waves, even floods freak me out and make me want to hyperventilate. I can' even handle the thought of the ocean sometimes.

-- Coulrophobia, fear of clowns. I seriously have an asthma and panic attack if a clown gets near me.

-- Scorpions

-- Fish. I cannot stand the sight of them, smell, any of that. I won't buy them to cook, even though my hubby eats them.

-- Climacophobia, the fear of stairs. I know it sounds stupid, but I am so freaked out if it is more than 4 or 5 stairs. I am sure I will fall down them or that my son will.


-- Heights

-- Spiders

-- Camel crickets. I HATE camel crickets. They totally freak me out.

-- My head under the covers. I feel like I am suffocating.

-- Belly buttons. OMG I hate being anywhere near them. I cannot stand watching SO clean his out and I hate touching mine to clean it. I even have a hard time cleaning my kids'. For some reason I'm scared my finger will go right through to my stomach. Creeps me out just thinking about it.

What terrifies you?

Check to see if your phobia has an official name at phobialist and post it here ...

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